Ikariam Tool Case

If you like to play Ikariam, here you can find some Grasemonkey utilities that I wrote, and that I would like to share with everyone, hoping that they will be useful for you. The tools are not illegal, and I've submitted the request for a formal authorisation. Then, choose what you like, and if there is some tool that will be useful for you... well, I'll be happy. Well, look around to find something interesting!!

  • Name: Ikariam Minichat
  • Auto-update: yes
  • What is: Adds a little chat for your ally and for the whole server (shoutbox).
  • Approved: Yes, on .com; under approvation on .it, .org, .fr
  • Interesting. More infos?
Chat Example

Notepad Example

  • Name: Ikariam Helpme
  • Auto-update: oui
  • What is: Speeds up help requests to your alliance, for resources or reinforcements
  • Approved: Yes, on .it
  • I needed it! Tell me more
Help example

  • Name: Ikariam Subject
  • Auto-update:
  • What is: It adds a real subject to the messages, that can be shown on the message list
  • Approved: Not yet, request sent on .it, .fr, .com, .org
  • Finally, no more anonymous "Message"
Subject Examples

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