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  • Name: Ikariam Notepad
  • Auto-update:
  • What is: Adds a little notepad for each village you visit
  • Approved: not explicitly, but similar tools are
  • I'm interested: I grab it!
  • A little help? Thank you

When a town is shown a little box appears on the left, named "Note", where is it possible, for eacht town to add some custom contents.

Clicking on "edit" it is possible to change contents (max 3 lines, in case you wrote more, a scrollbar appears). To save the text, click out of the box.

This box can be useful to stick notes useful in the current village, like "Wait sulphur shipment then build troops" or "Check spy" etc. This tool works also with spionaged villages: it is useful then to annotate last attacks or reports.

Note that contents are computer-dependent: if you change PC, notes are no more available.

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