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  • Nome: Ikariam HelpMe
  • Auto-update: yes
  • What is: Speeds-up and harmonize requests to alliance
  • Approved: Yes, on .it
  • It is useful: I want it!
  • Approved: Yes, on .it
  • A little help? Thank you

On each page, under the sulphur icon, on the red bar, appears an [HELP] button. Clicking on it, you will be redirect to the page where you can send message to all alliance members.

Other than the normal Receiver and Subject, appears a new line, "Template for: defence - resources - cultural treaty".
If you need help to be defended, click on "defence" and the textarea will automatically fill with a preformatted text, to be filled with relevant data.
If you need resources, click on "resources" and the textarea will fill automatically with a preformatted text.
Finally, if you need cultural treaies, click on the last link and you can send a message asking for treaties.

Please, remember that sending messages to all the members of your ally should be done "cum grano salis". If you simply like to chat a little, there is the MiniChat and for most important discussions, use the forum.

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